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Every wooden rocking horse is a sculpted personalized masterpiece - a true work of art.

Each horse has a genuine horsehair mane and tail and is immaculately outfitted with the highest quality tack. Complete with solid brass stirrups, the English saddles are entirely handcrafted using fine leather and brass fittings. Both saddle and bridle are removable, allowing children the pleasure of grooming their own horse. Horses are supplied with a bright suede saddle cloth, a colorful rosette on the martingale, and radiant eyes in a color of your choice. On the stand is a brass plaque engraved with the name of the maker, though you may request a special plaque with space for your own dedication. When cherished, these horses will live for generations. The materials and workmanship are, of course, guaranteed.


Hennessy horses are available in several natural finish select hardwoods, chosen for their superb beauty and resilience.

Saddles and bridles are available in dark brown and medium brown leather, while saddle cloths come in medium brown, dark green, red and both bright and pale blue. For the eyes, you may choose dark brown, light brown, blue, or green. You may also request a colour for the mane and tail: black, brown, chestnut, palomino, or salt-and-pepper. Standard rosettes come in blue, red, green, and yellow.

Occasionally certain woods or colour choices may be unattainable. We are glad to fulfill individual requests if we are able.

Please visit our stable to see some beautiful examples of our work.

Dimensions (approximate)

S t a n d a r d   M e a s u r e s :    M e t r i c   M e a s u r e s :
Swing Stand:        
  length height width   length height width
Small 37" 33" 14"   94cm 84cm 35cm
Medium  47" 41" 16"   117cm 100cm 41cm
Large 58" 50" 20"   147cm 127cm 51cm

Bow Rocker:          
  length height width   length height width
Small 57" 32" 10"   144cm 81cm 25cm
Medium  68" 38" 13"   173cm 97cm 33cm
Large 86" 48" 16"   218cm 122cm 41cm

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